The Talented Capen Sisters | Ballet Portraits

Dance is the hidden language of the soul. – Martha Graham

Duffle bags spilled out well-loved shoes, colorful leotards and pale tights. Excited chatter filled the ballroom. Engulfed in early morning sunlight their bodies stretched into breathtaking extensions. Today had finally arrived, my heart was full.

Colorado Springs teens Heather (19) and Emma (15) received their training at Zamuel Ballet. Their execution flawless, their extensions impressive, their drive palpable — and their sisterly love and support unequivocal.  The world of ballet is demanding and often unforgiving, these two young dancers are a reminder of how self-discipline of heart, body, mind and soul are the keys to achieving the highest levels of performance.

Heather will be joining the National Ballet of Canada in a few weeks. Emma’s future is wide open. I’m excited to follow them both!

A special thank you to my amazing team:
Grip/Lighting Assistant: Melissa Stynkski
Hair & Make-up: Catie Hill
Facility Support: Toni Lyons
Custom Backdrops: Oliphant Studios, Brooklyn NY

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